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  • Genevieve Short

Make a natural all-purpose cleaning spray with just 5 simple ingredients

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Not a lot of people realize the amount of toxins and chemicals that are in our everyday lives. From the sprays that are used on our clothing when they are manufactured to chemicals that are freely sprayed in homes and yards for bugs. There are also numerous chemicals in the cleaning supplies that are used to clean, freshen and spruce up our homes.

I have not purchased any commercial products for cleaning in years. I make my own

all- purpose cleaner and it’s great for many things. The bathroom, kitchen, floors and any area of the house that you want to remove dirt and grime or just freshen up.

This all-purpose cleaner is very easy to make and is void of any dangerous chemicals that are present in most commercial cleaning products.


1 qt. water

1/2 cup vinegar

1 tbsp. baking soda

30-40 drops tea tree essential oil

50 drops lime essential oil

Mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle and spray liberally on any area you want to clean or freshen up.

*Add the baking soda slowly to the mixture as the vinegar can make it fizz up and flow over the bottle.

*Adding the lime oil will give it a nice fresh smell that makes this natural cleaner all the more pleasant to use and will leave a nice fresh scent in your home.

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