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  • Genevieve Short

Lexi’s Tasty and Nutritious Plant Based Organic Dog Food

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Being an animal lover and living a plant based lifestyle for many years I wasn’t comfortable giving my little dog, Lexi food that came from harming other animals. For some time now I have struggled with what to feed my sweet little dog.

Previously, I was feeding her typical processed dog food mostly because I was, like most people, under the impression that dogs need to have meat to thrive. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Dogs can definitely eat a plant based diet and thrive on it. They can actually be healthier on a vegan diet if it contains all of the necessary nutrients. I have developed this recipe to provide everything needed for their growth and well being.

As a matter of fact Lexi is much healthier on this diet. Her bowel movements are consistent and well formed (3-4 times a day ... I know, right!? lol). She is full of energy and an all around happy pup. And, the bonus is that she loves the taste. When she was on kibble or canned food it was a challenge to get her to eat. Sometimes she would let her food sit in her bowl all day. Since she’s been on a vegan diet she wants to eat all the time. I sometimes give her extra food because it’s not fattening and is good for her. Also, throughout the day she gets her sweet potato treats (recipe here on my blog for those).

Recently I gave some to a friend of mine for her little French poodle, Mimi. She was suffering from irregular bowel movements. Almost immediately Mimi was doing better and is improving more every day (see testimonial below).

The benefits of this diet for your dog is endless. There are no animals harmed, it’s better for the environment and your pup is healthier. I know we all love our dogs so much but we don’t have to harm other animals when we feed them. Now, I would say that’s pretty fantastic!


3 cups brown rice

4 sweet potatoes (cut into small cubes)

6 carrots (cut into small pieces)

1 bunch of kale (chopped into very small pieces)

6 cans (drained) of any type of beans (I use black, pinto and garbanzo)

6 tbsp. freshly ground flaxseeds

2 tbsp. nutritional yeast

3/4 cup peanut butter

3 tbsp. Olive oil

Cook rice (with a small amount of salt) to a soft consistency (about 45 minutes).

In a separate pot, boil sweet potatoes and carrots.

Add kale at the end when potatoes and carrots are almost done.

Mash potatoes and carrots.

Combine ALL ingredients in a large mixing bowl and blend together.

Use your hands to make sure all ingredients are well mixed.

Use your hands to scoop up the mixture.

Form into a ball and then press it flat to form a patty. The size of the patty should be the amount you would feed your dog for one meal. Of course this will vary according to the size of your dog.

Lexi is 10 pounds and I use about 3/4 cup for each patty. You can use more or less depending on your dog’s appetite and weight.

Place in large storage container and freeze.

Each day thaw out two patties. You can warm them or serve room temperature depending how your doggie likes them. I don’t suggest serving them cold because they just are not as flavorful.

Feel free to switch out kale and carrots for any other veggies that your dog may enjoy more. Just be sure that at least one of the substitutes is a “green” veggie.

The amounts listed in this recipe will feed a 10-12 lb. dog for about two weeks.

Adjust accordingly for your dog’s size and their appetite.

You may find that your dog will eat more on the vegan diet. This is OK because I found that even though Lexi’s eating more she is not gaining any extra weight. This is because of the low calorie/low fat count of the ingredients.

Here’s what some doggie moms have had to say:

I am a doggie mom to two sweeties, Alice and Cooper.

I have had many frustrations over the past three years since we brought Alice (our underweight pup) home.

I have had Cooper for 11 yrs, and he became overweight when he started eating the puppy's food.

I had seriously tried everything! That is until my dear friend, Gen answered all my problems by teaching me to make her homemade dog food.

Alice and Cooper both ate it up and loved it! I did not have to worry about senior/overweight food for Cooper. And puppy/underweight food for Alice. Then I had to stand over them because they would always go right to the other one’s food.

But now they eat their new food (all organic fruits & veggies that make me want to try it! The smell is amazing!)

Alice is slowly gaining the weight she needed so badly and Cooper is just enjoying every single bite.

Thank you Gen♡


I began searching for something different to feed my pit bull, Dalah because she wanted to eat all day long and was always “hungry”.

Gen told me about the recipe that she developed for her dog, Lexi. I was willing to give it a try. I started making “Lexi’s Tasty and Nutritious Plant Based Organic Food” for Dalah. Dalah loves her new diet so much because she feels she is getting lots of extra food, but at the same time I’m happy that she is not gaining weight. My little French poodle, Mimi now gets to copy her and be healthy rather than eat extra treats from a bag.

Of course there's the additional secret...I get to make a vegan pattie and fry it up for myself! This recipe is not only great for dogs for but is delicious and nutritious for humans too. What a bonus! I consider it a combination of doggie/human food that’s tasty and nutritious. The whole family is happy!


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