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  • Genevieve Short

Look and feel great... a fun and easy 30 minute workout

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of hot yoga for many years. There was a time when I barely went a day without practicing. It calmed me, toned my muscles and gave me focus like I’d never known before. There did come a time when I had to give up my hot yoga class because of an injury. Until my body healed, I knew that I still needed to move and stretch within my capabilities. So I developed the following workout. It has helped me tremendously in my healing process and to maintain tone and strength during the time away from my mat.

You can do this on a yoga mat or anywhere you feel comfortable. It would be good to have a mirror so that you can see yourself during the standing exercises.


Lay flat on your back on a yoga mat to something comfortable. Bend your left leg so that your foot is flat on the mat. Lift your right leg up level with your left knee and lower down. Repeat 12 times. Now do the same with the other leg. Do four sets.


Lay on your left side. Bend left leg and keep it flat on the floor. Raise right leg up and down for 12 repetitions. Turn over on right side and repeat. Do four sets.


Lay flat on you back. Put your hands behind your head to support your neck. Pull your torso up using your ab muscles and lower back down. Repeat 20 times. Do four sets.

TOE STANDS (for your calves)

Standing with your legs a foot apart next to a wall with your arms outstretched against the wall to support you, feet flat on the floor, lift up on your toes as high as you can and then back down. Do this for 20 repetitions. Four sets would be best if that’s comfortable for you.


Lift both arms straight over your head and put your palms together. Bend all the way to the right as far as you can and hold it for five to ten seconds now bend to the left and do the same. Keeping your hands above your head and palms together bend backwards, as far as is comfortable for you, for five seconds. Now with your hands kept together bend all the way forward and touch your fingertips to the floor. If you are able, put your palms flat on the floor. This gives a great stretch to the back of the legs. Stay there for five to ten seconds. Come back up slowly. Repeat for three more sets.


With Your legs about a foot apart and arms extended straight out squat down with your thighs parallel to the floor, if possible. Do 12 repetitions. Do four sets, resting in between sets for 20 seconds.


Take 5 pound weights (use less weights and work up to 5 pounds if necessary). Slowly do biceps curls for 20 repetitions. Do four sets, resting for 20 seconds between sets. The slower you do these the more effective they will be.

For a little more cardio and leg work you can walk up and down stairs if you have some in your home. I am lucky enough to have stairs and sometimes after my work out I will go up and down 10-20 times.

Awesome..... you’ve just completed you daily workout, now go create a delicious, nutrition packed green smoothie and make it a beautiful day!

*See my recipe for green smoothie here on my blog.

*Please do these exercises according to your capabilities. The amount of sets and repetitions are what’s within my personal capabilities but you should gradually work up to whatever you’re comfortable with. If you are working through an injury of any kind or have not worked out for some time please consult a health care professional before doing these exercises.

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