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  • Genevieve Short

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner .... The Buddha Bowl is the Bomb!

So here’s the easiest and quickest way to put a ton of nutrition into your body with very little effort.... the Buddha Bowl is loaded with nutritional value and you can have it for any and every meal you like.... just mix it up and put whatever fancies your taste buds in the moment! Or, putting together whatever you have in the fridge is good way to use up the last of your food before your next grocery run. And, of course we all know we only have healthy stuff in our fridges...😋

This one has grilled sprouted tofu, California rice mix with garbanzo beans and a few spices (use whatever ones you love), fresh baby spinach, julienned carrots, chopped yellow pepper, sliced avocado sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and last but not least, deliciously soft Smyrna figs to satisfy that sweet craving we sometimes get after a wonderful meal.

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